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Powerful natural cleaning products in reusable bottles that your budget will love

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How it Works


Meet Eco-Caps.
Filled with an ultra concentrated formula, each cap is designed to release only when it’s on your refillable bottle.
So there’s never any mess.

Fill with water
Twist the Eco-cap
You're Ready to Clean

Cleaning products that are better for you and the planet

Non-toxic ingredients

Effective cleaning power

Just $2.99 per refill

Certified Cruelty free

Proven to be squeaky clean

Our products have been tested by independent labs and proven to be just as effective as household name brands.

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Ditch the single use plastic

Our sturdy bottles are made to be used again and again. And every order comes with a compostable mailer so you can send used Eco Caps back to us!

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Natural doesn’t mean pricey

We’re on a mission to make better cleaning products more affordable for all. That’s why each refill is only $2.99 for 32 oz of non-toxic cleaning power.

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What makes Elcove different?

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See What's Inside Your Starter Kit


3 Reusable Spray Bottles.
3 Eco Caps to make all purpose cleaner, glass cleaner, and bathroom cleaner

All-purpose Cleaner
Ocean Breeze
Glass Cleaner
Ocean Breeze
Bathroom Cleaner
Ocean Breeze


I have been loving these non-toxic and eco-friendly cleaning products. They leave my house smelling fresh and I can rest assured I am not spreading any toxic chemicals around my house and am helping the environment by reducing single-use plastics.


I was very excited when I came across Elcove. Simply add your own water at home, twist the refill cap to release the concentrate and your sustainable cleaner is ready to go. I was impressed how well these cleaning products work. Try them out!


I have finally found my unicorn cleaning product line! I have been on the hunt for years, and tried many different ones. Some worked to clean, but didn't exactly work for my budget if ya know what I mean. My tight budget loves that these concentrated refill caps are only $2.99 each. Big plus, the smell is amazing!


Elcove products smell so fresh and it's nice knowing my surfaces aren't covered in harmful chemicals! But the best part is they come with refill caps so that you don't have to throw the bottle away when you're done! You just keep reusing the same bottle eliminating single use plastics from your cleaning routine!


Meet the Founder on a Mission

Elcove is the result of my personal health journey and my passion for nature.

At Elcove, we want to make cleaner, more sustainable household products available to everyone and put an end to single use plastic in the ocean. As part of our #ElcoveForGood initiative, we donate part of our sales each year to organizations dedicated to rescuing marine life.

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