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Switching to a sustainable cleaner is easy as 1-2-3 


Fill with water
Twist the Eco-cap     
                 You're ready to clean 



Elcove cleaning products are sustainable, natural,and easy to use

How do we do it?

Easy. We don’t pay to produce wasteful packaging or ship heavy bottles of water. Then we pass those savings along to you



Other cleaners are 90% water

Did you know that traditional cleaning products are over 90% water? Shipping those heavy bottles is expensive and releases more carbon emissions.


Tiny cap. Tons of cleaning power

One tiny Eco-Cap (weighing only 0.75 oz) makes a 32oz bottle of cleaner. And just think how much easier that little cap to ship and to store. 

What's in a name?

Independent tests have proven that Elcove
is just as effective as national brands. So
you can stop paying big bucks for a brand
name (unless you really want to, of course)


Save money and stop polluting the planet with toxins and single use plastic



If you don’t love it, your order is on us.